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Was good to meet you at Bath though disappointed you were not there Sunday. Have really enjoyed looking at all your images in the gallery. I can only aspire to getting that good in the future. Will look out for you in the nature awards. Carole
Carole Zimmerman

Photos of pets

Hi, great pictures of my dogs, taken on Tenby South beach yesterday, thank you. The one with the stick obsession is Barnaby (pictures 1 and 9) and the other one you caught in picture 10 of 10 is Dylan. I'm looking forward to perusing the rest of your website.
Wendy Flixon



I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your website and the range of images, particularly 'people'. The Eton College pictures were lovely too - there isn't much around via agencies for Eton!

Best wishes and good luck for the competitions

Denise, Sunday Times Picture Editor


Just to say, what amazing work!!! Love the pets and the sports work.
Judy bradley


Hi Michael,
I had a look at your website and there are many beautiful photographs on your site. Very impressed.
Wolfgang Ackermann

Jeff Stelling event photography

Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for contacting us regarding our Jeff Stelling event in March. I look after all things photo and film related for Prostate Cancer UK and looking over your CV am blown away by all of your photographic achievements and experience! It would be incredible if you photographed some of the event for us.
All the best,

Adrian White

Gallery Representation

Dear Mike Cullis,

My name is Maria Stella. I am a gallery representative, working with Agora Gallery, which is located in Chelsea, the art district of New York City.

I came across your photography online and I was impressed. As a gallery representative, my job is to discover talented artists who might benefit from the representation services that we offer.

May I send you some information about the gallery and promotional services which may be of interest to you?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Maria Stella
Gallery Representative | Agora Gallery
Maria Stella

street photography

Hi Mike.
I was fortunate to be at the New Quay 'panel of five' last night where my image panel, 'street life' was successful in gaining first place. street photography is my passion and living near Aberaeron makes it very difficult in finding a suitable situation. Nevertheless my wife and I often spend time in Britain and travel abroad and so I then get the opportunity to capture the spontaneous images, some of which you saw last time. Would it be possible Mike for you to give me some advice on what steps that I can take to take my street life photography to the next level? I would love to be able to supply my images to an interested party so that I can just invest in my equipment and then perhaps be more involved with my interest?
I would have so liked to have approached you after the event last night but I was conscious of the fact that you had a long journey home. Thank you for your wonderful judging last night your comments and advice on all images was thorough and so rewarding.
Thank you, diolch yn fawr,
colin price

Estero FL.

Nice meeting you last weekend. Your site looks very professonial. I hope you enjoyed the morph as much as I did.
Robert Kimbrell

met this AM

Mike, It was great chatting with you this morning at Estero Lagoon. I'm impressed by your work.

Hope we run into you later during your visit.
My photo website is: (doesn't seem to work well on iOS now, but fine on a laptop)

Steve Kent

Chance Meeting in The Dales!

Good Afternoon Mike
I hope you are well and enjoyed your break in North Yorkshire, I'm not sure if you recall us or not we met a few weeks back, early evening one Saturday, on the banks of the river Wharfe?
My partner and I just wanted to say thank you for spending time with us, we thoroughly enjoyed your tales and could have quite happily spent the evening over a glass or two listening to your exploits in photography, a short but extremely pleasant experience, one we shall hold in a memories for years to come, thank you so much.
Mick and Julie
Mick Quinn

Muchas Gracias!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know another facet of your life. I am really positively impressed!
Javier Alfonzo


Hi Mike!

I have gladly given some feedback from meeting you on Skomer yesterday! Thank you again, especially for lending me your lens, I'm extremely grateful and it was a pleasure to have met you!

My photography link is (I must get around to making a proper page!) though my work doesn't seem overly impressive after seeing your gallery!

I'll let you know when I have uploaded the new photos from Skomer so you can see the impact your invaluable tips made on my photos, I'm really pleased :)

Best Wishes

Emily England

Many Thanks!!

A big thank you for your invaluable advice and tips given on Skomer Island, I feel like my photography skills and understanding doubled within hours and managed to take some shots that I am so proud of :) although after seeing yours on your camera, I still have a long way to go!

I loved hearing all your stories and the many adventures you've been on, truly inspirational and I'm very glad to have met you!

I thoroughly recommend Mike to anyone interested in improving their photography :)

All the best,

Emily England

Photography Workshop

Just wanted to say thanks for an excellent workshop day on Skomer island with the Puffins. Not only did I gain very valuable insight into shot selection, framing and exposure, but we also had a really enjoyable and relaxing day.
To anyone considering a photo workshop I can thoroughly recommend Mike as he has not only the obvious talent for photography, but is also a thoroughly nice guy, helping a pure beginner not only to get some great shots but to enjoy learning the art..
Kindest Regards
Neil McAndry
Neil McAndry

Freeport etc

Thanks for showing me this website. Wow you have some very impressive photos. Mine are mere amature stuff but I am fortunate to live close to lots of wildlife, eagles deer big catsxetc. Friend me on Facebook to see some examples of you want. Regards
Desmond Fowles,USA
Des fowles

Nature Photography

Superb photography work - it shows your art of excellence - keep it up and look forward to see more pictures.


Sajid Saudi Arabia

Skomer - Puffins

Hi Mike,
Really loved your Puffin images and will be over in the UK in June 2014. Regards Anna Rogers
Anna Rogers

amazing photos

WOW... i am really surprise about this website, the pictures are are amazing..job well done..looking forward for more photos from you...

Joan Cristina

joan cristina of Abu Dhabi


Your pictures are unbelievably outstanding, I'm looking forward to seeing more.


What a great website. Images that really show your talent for photography.
Gavin baker

Aviation photos

Enjoyed the gallery very much, the aviation shots are superb

David ( Calgary)
David Simpson

Amazing Photos

Amazing Photos: It is so nice collection and i will be waiting for the Florida Birds ;-) Mohamed (Egypt)
Mohamed Mohsen

Your Website

Astonishing photographs, enjoyed very much indeed, and am looking forward to seeing your new work. Terry, Swansea


Stunning photographs, you are very gifted.
Jeff & Elaine Evans


I've heard a lot about your photography, Mike, but never actually seen any. Magnificent stuff!
Peter Coates


Great job, Mike! I love your pics, congratulation.
Emanuela e Giorgio Colombari


I am amazed with your photos. I knew that you had a gift for photography when we worked together in Abu Dhabi, UAE. You had very nice pictures back then. Now, the opportunity has come to see your nice piece of art work with this web site. Congrats. Murat (Tecnicas Reunidas, Borouge-2 Project, Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Murat Bayrak


Congratulations Mike on a great website.
Cheers, Rich Crossen
Richard Crossen


brilliant, loving the photos, then again I may be biased!
Paul Cullis

visited your website

Your photos are really lovely Mike well done. Keep up the good work...
Denise Witton