Mike Cullis
Welcome to the Website of MHCPhotography.

This is just a small collection of my photography, taken in the UK and during my travels abroad. I have a varied interest in all types of photography with a particular passion for Wildlife. My fascination with wildlife has resulted in being charged at by a bull elephant, sneaked up on by an alligator, roared at by two male lions at night, following cheetahs on foot in their late afternoon hunting period and being checked out by a young reindeer in the Arctic - all fascinating and memorable experiences! More generally I have been questioned by Saudi Arabian police for desert photography and buzzed by a Belgian police helicopter when photographing the Ypres International motor sports rally event.

I am an Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) and an ex member of the Advisory Board; achieved Distinction level with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (DPAGB); a Welsh Photographic Federation judge and presenter and have judged competitions at a National and International level. I have been successful in a broad range of International Photography Competitions.

I am truly an Amateur Photographer that pushes the boundaries of Photography in a range of interesting directions! I have written several articles and had my work featured in various publications including International newspapers, Advanced Photographer, RPS, BBC Wildlife and Pembrokeshire Life magazines.

I have presented my work and have lectured on a variety of photographic topics to camera clubs around the UK

Please feel free to browse my images in the Gallery section and leave any comments via the Guestbook page.

Mike Cullis ARPS,DPAGB.