2019 was a busy year with presentations and competition judging at many Camera Clubs.

In January I visited the Massai Mara, Kenya for Wildlife photography. I joined a David Lloyd led specialist group of photographers during a week long visit. Images were taken on my Lumix G9 camera equipment and shared on various Social Media. In Dec 2018 I travelled to The Falkland Islands with a small group of photographers to photograph wildlife and this involved inter island hopping by small plane, off roading, hiking and boat trips. The experience was truly life changing.

During 2019 - Sports photography included trips to Wimbledon Tennis, Le Mans 24hr race and British Saloon car racing at Thruxton. In November/December 2019 my wife and I headed off to South Island, New Zealand. We spent 5 weeks in total and broke our long flight there and on returning by a stay in Singapore. Our 3,000 miles long journey included a range of exciting excursions, ranging from hiking, fixed wing flights over mountains and glaciers, kayaking on the Tasman Sea to a Trans Alpine Rail journey.

2020 and 2021 so fa has been completely dominated by Covid. We have all been affected by this and thankfully 2021 will bring a new dawn for the beginnings to return to some form of normality. In 2020 I took the plunge and switched over to Canon mirrorless. A brave step and this resulted in purchasing the Canon R5 along with three R lenses. My trusted 500mm and 300mm prime lenses work exceedingly well via the adapter. What a journey this has been! The R5 has been a game changer for me, for all sorts of reasons; from the mind-blowing eye detect AF to shooting slow motion video at 120fps. Whilst advancements in cameras don't make great photographs, taking them with a potato won't produce results! Take a look at Recent Work section and in flight bird images that have been taken using the R5!

So we all look forward to 2021 and a Global Recovery from the terrible impact of Covid! I shall be looking for spending my time in the UK, a house move to Hampshire and a new Adventure! I have already committed to a 2 week Photo trip to Japan in early 2022, and this will include a 3 day visit to the Snow Monkeys. I am truly looking forward to this.